Action:Candidatures - Convert to employee

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Candidatures - Convert to employee
Name Convert to employee
Type DetailView Button
Module Candidatures

Short Description

This action creates new employee and user records from a candidature

  1. MintHCM - Candidatures - Record View - Convert to Employee button.png
  2. MintHCM - Candidatures - Record View - Convert to Employee.png

This action can be performed in final of recruitment process. When you click the Convert to employee button a popup will appear.

Now you can either fill in a Login field or leave it empty.

  • If you fill in a field:

The value you provide will create an employee with data taken form a candidate related to the candidature you are in. Also a user matching the candidate will be created. Its status will be active and login will be the value you provided in the popup. This means that you can give the login to the employee and they can log in MintHCM and use it.

  • If you leave it empty:

Employee and user will be created too, but there are differences regarding the user. New user will be inactive and its login field will be empty. So the new employee is available in the system (i.e. for HR reasons), but has no access to it.

Convert to employee action has more consequences than only creating employee and user. This also affects instances of appraisals related to the candidature and certificates related to candidate the employee is generated from.

Both of this record types can be created during recruitment to evaluate candidate. After the conversion, this records are transferred to newly created employee.


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