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Work Schedule Status Automation
Title Work Schedule Status Automation
Type Automation
Automation Type Code
Initiating Actions Action:WorkSchedules - Submit
Initiating Fields
Initiating Modules
Affected Actions
Affected Fields Status
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Short Description

Status is automatically changed during adding the Spent Time record or submitting the Work Schedule. Specific users can withdraw the status of the approved Work Schedule.

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The status of the Work Schedule has three types: Planned, Worked and Closed.
The new work schedule has the status Planned.
Adding the Spent time record changing status on Worked. Users clicking the Submit button set the status of the plan to Closed. After that action, the record is not editable and the Submit button is no longer visible. Closed status can be changed on Planned or Worked only by the System Administrator and the Supervisor by editing the Work Schedule record and choosing the status from the dropdown list. Plan can be submitted only when there aren’t gaps between the Spent times and his time frames coincide with working times. Holiday, Occasional Leave, Sick, Leave at Request, Free Overtime and Excused Absence can be approved without having any the Spent times records.

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