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Name: Calendar
Tech Name: Calendar
Class Name: Calendar
Type: Standard
Template: , ,
Custom Module: No
Auditable: No
Importable: No
Reportable: No
Hide module on Main Page: No

Short Description

The Calendar Module within the MintHCM System that allows users to efficiently manage their schedules, tasks, calls, and meetings. It provides different views for easy navigation and organization, helping users stay on top of their daily activities. With collaborative features and detailed event information, the module ensures effective scheduling and productivity.

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The Calendar module presents a standard calendar layout, providing users with the ability to view their schedules in different formats, including week, month, or single day views. It offers a clear visualization of work schedules, distinguishing between various types such as Office Work, Remote Work, or Holiday, through the use of distinct colors.

In addition to work schedules, the module displays all planned (meetings, calls, tasks and events), represented by colored blocks that indicate their respective types. By hovering the mouse cursor over a certain item, you can quickly access a concise summary of the essential details. Clicking on an event provides users with a detailed view, presenting comprehensive information including participants, location, and additional notes.

The Calendar module window offers several options for user interaction. On the left sidebar, users can find buttons labeled 'Schedule Meeting', 'Schedule Call', and 'Create Task', which directly link to the corresponding item creation views (see 'Time Management' section below for more information). There is also a 'Today' button available to reset the calendar to the current date. You can change the displayed period by clicking a button with a calendar icon on the right side, that allows users to select a specific date for display below. There are also arrows that allow to quickly display previous or next period. Users have the flexibility to switch between different display options, such as week, month, or single day views (see Calendar view screens), as well as shared week and shared month views (for more details, refer to the Collaboration section below). The buttons for switching between these options are conveniently located above the calendar view. Additionally, there is the 'Settings' button directs users to the settings menu, where they can customize the Calendar module according to their preferences (see the Customization Options section below for further details).

To get a quicker view of you rcalendar activities, users can add the My Calendar Dashlet to their dashboards, offering a condensed display of their calendar activities. Refer to Feature:Dashlet My Calendar article for detailed insights on how to utilize and personalize the 'My Calendar' dashlet.


The Calendar module stimulates collaboration by allowing users to overlay their own calendar with the calendars of their colleagues or team members. This feature enables individuals to gain a comprehensive view of multiple calendars simultaneously, promoting effective coordination and avoiding conflicts while scheduling new activities.

To overlay your's and your colleagues' calendars, click on the "Shared Month" or "Shared Week" button, depending on your desired timeframe. This action will reveal an additional button labeled "Users List" on the right side of the interface. Clicking on it will display a list of other users within your organization. Select the individuals whose calendars you wish to overlay. This selection can include you as well. After choosing the desired users, click "Apply" to generate the shared view.

In the shared view, by default, calendars of all selected users will be overlaid. You can choose between overlaying the calendars or displaying them one under another, depending on your preference (for more information, refer to the "Customization Options" section below).

Time Management

Apart from buttons located on the left sidebar mentioned before ('Schedule Meeting', 'Schedule Call', and 'Create Task'), users can manage their time directly from Calendar Module. An activity or a new work schedule can be quickly created by selecting some empty area on calendar's grid with a mouse. After doing so, you will be directed to Work Schedule create view but also there would be a window displayed, where you can choose to move to Calls create view, Meetings create view or to stay in the Work Schedule crate view depending on your preferences. In each case time range fields would mach the selection you've made on clendar's grid. See Module:Calls, Module:Meetings or Module:WorkSchedules articles for further instructions on how to create those events. You can modify existing items by simply moving them with your mouse - dragging and dropping them to another place on a calendar's grid to change planned date and/or time of it's occurance. There is also a possibility to change planned duration of an event by 'grabbing' the bottom border of a rectangle event representation and then extend or contradict it accordingly to your preferences.

Note: Draging and dropping or extending planned activities isn't possible while Month view is active. Switch to a different display setting if you want to use dhese functionalities.

Customization Options

The Calendar module offers several customization options to tailor the display and functionality according to your preferences. Upon clicking the "Settings" button, a 'Settings' window will appear with the customization options described below. Refer to the 'Calendar Settings menu' screen for a visual representation of the "Settings" window.

  • "Display time slots in Day and Week views:" By default, this option is checked, enabling the view with a visible calendar grid. When selected, each day and week view will show a time range for each day, and activities will be sized proportionally to their scheduled duration. For example, a 30-minute call will appear shorter than a 2-hour meeting, reflecting the time grid. If unchecked, the calendar will display flat rectangles indicating event occurrences, without representing the specific time intervals underneath each day.
  • "Shared Calendar Separate": Enabling this option allows for the separate display of calendars in the shared month or shared week view. Each calendar will be shown one under another, preventing overlaying. If left unchecked, the calendars will be overlaid, providing a comprehensive view of all selected users' schedules.
  • "Start time" and "End time": These options are visible when the "Display time slots in Day and Week views" checkbox is selected. They determine the timeframe displayed beneath each day in the calendar. For instance, you can specify the start time as 07:00 am and the end time as 06:00 pm to restrict the displayed time range accordingly.
  • "Show calls": Selecting this option will show calls from your calendar view. If unchecked, calls will be hidden.
  • "Show Tasks": Similarly, enabling this option will show tasks in your calendar view, while disabling it will hide them.
  • "Show Completed Meetings, Calls, and Tasks": This option controls the visibility of activities with a status set to "completed." If selected, completed meetings, calls, and tasks will be shown in the calendar view. If deselected, they will be hidden.

Additionally, within the "Color Settings" section, you can customize the colors for Meetings, Calls, Tasks, and Events. This allows you to specify the color of the rectangles representing these items, including the body, border, and text colors individually.


Is there a feature in the Calendar module that allows users to set reminders for upcoming activities?
Not in the Calendar module itself, but there is a posibility to set reminders about upcoming activities for all participants in the edit view of particular activity. Refer accordingly to Module:Meetings, Module:Calls, Module:Tasks or Module:Events for more information.
Can I move an event to the next week from My Calendar dashlet?
No, you can only reschedule it within displayed view. To reschedule an event to a different week you need to enter an edit view of such event.
Does the Calendar module handle time zone differences when scheduling meetings or events involving participants from different regions?
Yes, it does. Time zone is determined for every user of the system and all scheduled activities are displayed accurately considering time zones of every users

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