Competency Ratings

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Competency Ratings
Name: Competency Ratings
Tech Name: CompetencyRatings
Class Name: CompetencyRatings
Type: Standard
Template: Security_groups, Assignable, Basic
Custom Module: No
Auditable: Yes
Importable: No
Reportable: Yes
Hide module on Main Page: No

Short Description

The Competency Ratings module in MintHCM is a tool for companies engaged in recruitment, management, and employee support. It allows organizations to assess and rate the competencies of their employees, helping in the effective matching of skills with job roles and career development. This module can be used to track and evaluate employee performance, identify skill gaps, and make informed decisions about training and development.

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Business Description


The Competency Ratings module within MintHCM is a tool that helps companies engaged in recruitment, payroll management, and employee support. It provides a structured framework for assessing and rating the competencies of employees, which is vital for effective talent management. This module is useful for optimizing the allocation of resources, as it helps in matching employee skills with specific job roles and career paths within the organization.

One of the key advantages of using this module is its ability to track and evaluate employee performance over time. HR professionals can use this data to provide meaningful feedback, identify skill gaps, and devise strategies for employee development and training. By facilitating regular competency assessments, the Competency Ratings module enables organizations to create a skilled and adaptable workforce.

The module is integrated with other components of the MintHCM system, including Competencies, Employees, Positions, and Roles. By leveraging the Competency Ratings module, companies can make data-driven decisions, foster talent growth, and ultimately improve their overall efficiency and competitiveness. It serves as a central hub for HR professionals to strategize and execute their talent management initiatives effectively.


The Competency Ratings module is comprised of multiple fields, each meticulously crafted with a distinct purpose in mind, serving to capture and organize essential Competency Ratings-related information. Here is a detailed explanation of each field:

Competency This field identifies the specific competency or skill being assessed, such as "Communication" or "Project Management."
Rating The Rating field allows users to assign a numerical rating to an employee's competency, with options ranging from "N/A" (Not Applicable) to scores from 1 to 5, indicating levels of proficiency or performance.
Related to This field specifies the connection between the competency being rated and its relevance to job roles, career development, or other aspects within the organization.
Employee The Employee field designates the individual employee undergoing competency assessment, enabling tracking of individual skill development and performance.
Assigned to This field indicates who is responsible for assessing or managing the employee's competencies, ensuring accountability and clarity in the evaluation process.
Description The Description field allows for additional comments or notes related to the competency assessment, providing context or insights into the employee's performance and skill development.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Saving the record without providing input to them beforehand won't be possible.


The Competency Ratings module establishes relationships with several other modules within the system, allowing for seamless integration and efficient management of the recruitment process. These related modules include:

The Competencies module serves as a repository for defining and outlining the various skills and competencies that are relevant to an organization. The Competency Ratings module links to this by allowing assessments of employees' proficiency in these predefined competencies. This relationship enables HR professionals to evaluate whether employees possess the required skills for their roles and plan for skill development or training accordingly.

The Competency Ratings module directly correlates with the Employees module as it associates competency assessments with individual employees. It allows HR professionals to track and manage the competency ratings of each employee. This integration enables a detailed analysis of the skills and performance of individual staff members, which is vital for personalized development plans and performance appraisals.

The Positions module defines the various job roles and positions within an organization. The Competency Ratings module is linked to this module by associating competency assessments with specific positions. This connection aids in ensuring that employees are matched with the right roles based on their competencies and performance ratings. It helps in optimizing workforce allocation and strategic HR planning.

The Roles module specifies the different roles, responsibilities, and access rights of employees within the organization. The Competency Ratings module can be related to this module to ensure that employees are assessed based on the competencies required for their assigned roles. This integration supports role-based competency assessments and aligns employees with their job responsibilities effectively.

Role in the Hiring Process

The Role of the Competency Ratings module in the hiring process is multifaceted. It acts as a helpful tool for evaluating potential candidates during the recruitment phase. HR professionals can utilize this module to assess the competencies and skills of applicants, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of their suitability for specific roles. By assigning competency ratings to candidates, recruiters can objectively compare and contrast their abilities against the competency requirements of the job positions.

The Competency Ratings module can assist in aligning the competencies of potential hires with the organizational requirements and culture, ensuring a better fit for the company. It streamlines the recruitment process by providing a structured approach to evaluating candidates, ultimately saving time and resources. Additionally, this module facilitates communication and collaboration among hiring teams, allowing for collective input and a standardized evaluation process. The competency ratings assigned to candidates serve as a valuable reference for onboarding and future development plans. The insights gained from this module can be utilized to design targeted training programs for new hires, addressing any identified competency gaps.

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LaftTypeRightShort DescriptionRelationship
Competenciesone-to-manyCompetency RatingsOne Competencies record can have many related Competency Ratings records, but a specific Competency Ratings record can be related to only one Competencies record.Relationship: Competencies - CompetencyRatings
Rolesone-to-manyCompetency RatingsFlex relate used in RolesRelationship: EmployeeRoles - CompetencyRatings
Employeesone-to-manyCompetency RatingsFlex relate used in EmployeesRelationship: Employees - CompetencyRatings
Positionsone-to-manyCompetency RatingsFlex relate used in PositionRelationship: Positions - CompetencyRatings
Usersone-to-manyCompetency RatingsSpecific Sugar user can modify many account records, but specific account record last modification was performed by specific user.Relationship: Users - CompetencyRatings
Usersone-to-manyCompetency RatingsSpecific Sugar user can create many account records, but specific account record can be created by only one user.Relationship: Users - CompetencyRatings
Usersone-to-manyCompetency RatingsSpecific Sugar user can be assigned to many account records, but specific account record can only have one user assigned.Relationship: Users - CompetencyRatings

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