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|Related Screens=File:MintHCM-Documents-Create View.png,File:MintHCM-Documents-List View.png,File:MintHCM-Documents-Record View.png
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Name: Documents
Tech Name: Documents
Class Name: Document
Type: Standard
Template: Security_groups, Assignable, Basic
Custom Module: No
Auditable: No
Importable: No
Reportable: Yes
Hide module on Main Page: No

Short Description

  1. MintHCM-Documents-List View.png
  2. MintHCM-Documents-Record View.png

Business Description

Missing User input

Custom Actions

Action Type Short Description
Download document Other The action allows to download the attached document.
Linking two documents EditView Button This action allows to link one document to another.


Related Processes

ProcessShort Description
Competencies and SkillsManagement of employees' competences and skills
Create new DocumentProcess of creating a new document in the documents module.
Employment HistoryThe description of functionalities enabling documentation collection and analysis related to terms of employment of employees
Job DescriptionThe description of the functionalities associated with workplace
Leave ManagementManaging employee absences in the office
OffboardingHow to start and conduct an offboarding process
OnboardingHow to start and conduct an onboarding process
RecruitmentThe recruitment process with a description of all records needed to carry it out
Travel and ExpencesMeeting clients is crucial for building fruitful business relationship. Attending fairs can help to obtain valuable contacts. Sending employees to conferences and meet-ups develops company's human capital. All travel-related activities management is available in MintHCM.

Related Process Steps

Related Features

Affected by


Related Integrations



LaftTypeRightShort DescriptionRelationship
Documentsone-to-manyDocument RevisionsOne Document record can have many related Document Revisions records, but a specific Document Revisions record can be related to only one Document record.Relationship: Documents - DocumentRevisions

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Technical Description

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