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Project Tasks
Name: Project Tasks
Tech Name: ProjectTask
Class Name: ProjectTask
Type: Standard
Template: Security_groups
Custom Module: No
Auditable: Yes
Importable: No
Reportable: Yes
Hide module on Main Page: No

Short Description

The "Project Task" module is a component of the larger Projects module, designed to facilitate the organization and management of internal and recruitment projects within the company. It allows users to track and coordinate project tasks, including their status, timelines, priorities, and assignments.

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Business Description


The Project Tasks module serves as a component within the broader Projects module, dedicated to streamlining the management and execution of both internal and recruitment projects within the company. It provides a centralized platform for effectively overseeing and coordinating individual tasks associated with these projects.

Within this module, users can meticulously detail each task's essential information, such as its name, current status (ranging from 'Not started' to 'Completed' or 'Deferred'), designated start and finish dates, priority level (ranging from 'High' to 'Medium' or 'Low'), and the percentage of completion. These attributes enable teams to maintain a comprehensive view of project progression and prioritize their efforts accordingly.

Additionally, the module includes vital contextual data like the associated project name and task number, allowing for easy cross-referencing and project identification. Users can assign tasks to specific team members, ensuring accountability and clarity regarding responsibilities. A notes section permits the inclusion of additional details or comments to enhance task comprehension.

In the 'Timeline' section, users can define task-related parameters such as estimated effort in hours, actual effort expended, relationship type (e.g., 'Finish to Start' or 'Start to Start'), utilization percentage (ranging from 'None' to '100%'), and the option to mark tasks as milestones using a checkbox.

In summary, the Project Task module provides a comprehensive and structured framework for managing individual tasks within projects, offering the flexibility and functionality needed to efficiently organize internal and recruitment projects while fostering transparency and collaboration among team members.


The Project Tasks module is comprised of multiple fields, each meticulously crafted with a distinct purpose in mind, serving to capture and organize essential Project Task-related information. Here is a detailed explanation of each field:

Name The title or description of the project task.
Status Indicates the current state or progress of the task.
Start Date he date when the task is scheduled to begin.
Finish Date The date by which the task is expected to be completed.
Priority The level of importance or urgency assigned to the task.
% Cpl Represents the percentage of completion of the task.
Project Name Identifies the project to which the task belongs.
Task Number A unique identifier or reference number for the task.
Assigned To Specifies the individual or team responsible for executing the task.
Notes A space for additional comments or information related to the task.
Estimated Effort (hrs) The anticipated amount of time required to complete the task.
Actual Effort (hrs) The actual time expended on the task.
Relationship Type Describes the dependency or relationship between tasks.
Utilization (%) Indicates the level of resource utilization for the task.
Order Defines the sequence or order of tasks within a project.
Milestone Allows marking a task as a significant project milestone.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Saving the record without providing input to them beforehand won't be possible.


The Project Tasks module establishes relationships with several other modules within the system, allowing for seamless integration and efficient management of the recruitment process. These related modules include:

The relationship between the "Project Task" module and the overarching "Project" module is one of essential synergy and interdependence. While the "Project" module serves as the container or framework for managing broader initiatives, the "Project Task" submodule functions as the granular building blocks within these projects.

"Project Task" modules enable the detailed planning, execution, and monitoring of individual tasks and activities that collectively contribute to the successful completion of a project. These tasks are intimately linked to the overarching project, providing the necessary structure to assign responsibilities, track progress, and manage timelines.

In essence, the "Project Task" submodule serves as the execution engine within the "Project" module, allowing teams to break down complex projects into manageable tasks, assign them to team members, and monitor their progress, ensuring that the project as a whole stays on track towards its goals.

Role in the Hiring Process

The "Project Task" module plays a helpful role in the company's hiring process, where it serves as an important tool for orchestrating recruitment projects. Within this context, the module facilitates the systematic management of various tasks associated with the hiring process, ensuring a streamlined and efficient workflow.

First and foremost, it allows HR teams to define and assign specific tasks related to recruitment, such as job postings, candidate screenings, interviews, and reference checks. Each of these tasks can be tracked with precision, allowing for real-time monitoring of progress.

The module's status tracking capabilities, which include options like "Not started," "In progress," and "Completed," provide instant visibility into the status of each hiring task, helping HR teams identify bottlenecks and allocate resources effectively.

By incorporating "Project Task" into the recruitment process, the company can adhere to timelines, manage priorities, and ensure that no critical steps are overlooked, ultimately leading to a more efficient and successful hiring process.

Custom Actions


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Name Type Required Validations Visible Editable
% Cpl int No Yes Yes
Actual Duration int No Yes Yes
Actual Effort (hrs) int No Yes Yes
Assigned To relate No Yes Yes
Created by relate No Yes No
Date Created datetime No Yes No
Date Modified datetime No Yes No
Due Date date No Yes Yes
Due Time time No Yes Yes
Duration int Yes Yes Yes
Duration Unit text No Yes Yes
Estimated Effort (hrs) int No Yes Yes
Finish Date date No Yes Yes
Finish Time int No Yes Yes
Milestone bool No Yes Yes
Modified By Name relate No Yes No
Name name Yes Yes Yes
Notes text No Yes Yes
Order int No Yes Yes
Parent Task Id int No Yes Yes
Predecessor text No Yes Yes
Priority enum No Yes Yes
Project Name relate No Yes Yes
Project Task Id int No Yes Yes
Relationship Type enum No Yes Yes
Start Date date No Yes Yes
Start Time int No Yes Yes
Status enum No Yes Yes
Task Number int No Yes Yes
Utilization (%) int No Yes Yes


LaftTypeRightShort DescriptionRelationship
Projectone-to-manyProject TasksOne Project record can have many related Project Task records, but a specific Project Task record can be related to only one Project record.Relationship: Project - ProjectTask
Project Tasksone-to-manyCallsFlex relate used in Project TaskRelationship: ProjectTask - Calls
Project Tasksone-to-manyEmailsFlex relate used in Project TaskRelationship: ProjectTask - Emails
Project Tasksone-to-manyMeetingsFlex relate used in Project TaskRelationship: ProjectTask - Meetings
Project Tasksone-to-manyNotesFlex relate used in Project TaskRelationship: ProjectTask - Notes
Project Tasksone-to-manyTasksFlex relate used in Project TaskRelationship: ProjectTask - Tasks
Usersone-to-manyProject TasksSpecific Sugar user can be assigned to many account records, but specific account record can only have one user assigned.Relationship: Users - ProjectTask
Usersone-to-manyProject TasksSpecific Sugar user can modify many account records, but specific account record last modification was performed by specific user.Relationship: Users - ProjectTask
Usersone-to-manyProject TasksSpecific Sugar user can create many account records, but specific account record can be created by only one user.Relationship: Users - ProjectTask

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