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Name: Activities
Tech Name: ResponsibilityActivities
Class Name: ResponsibilityActivities
Type: Standard
Template: Security_groups, Assignable, Basic
Custom Module: No
Auditable: Yes
Importable: No
Reportable: Yes
Hide module on Main Page: No

Short Description

The Activities module enables users to streamline and track various HR-related tasks and activities. Its functionalities include assigning and monitoring responsibilities, linking them to specific positions and roles, and setting up appraisal items for performance evaluations.

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Business Description


The Activities module plays a role in enhancing the operations of companies engaged in recruitment, payroll, and employee management. This module offers a solution for managing HR-related tasks and activities. One of its primary functions is the assignment and tracking of responsibilities, enabling organizations to allocate tasks to specific positions and roles within the company. Moreover, it facilitates the creation and management of appraisal items, which are crucial for performance evaluations and employee development.

The Activities module offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the delegation and monitoring of tasks, providing transparency and accountability within the workforce. By integrating this module with other MintHCM components like Responsibilities, Positions, Roles, and Appraisal Items, companies can establish a seamless HR ecosystem.


The Activities module is comprised of multiple fields, each meticulously crafted with a distinct purpose in mind, serving to capture and organize essential Activities-related information. Here is a detailed explanation of each field:

Name Name is a field used to specify a descriptive title or label for a particular activity or task within the Activities module, making it easy to identify and reference different items.
Description Description field allows users to provide a brief and informative explanation of the activity, offering additional context and details that help individuals understand the nature and purpose of the task.
Assigned to Assigned to indicates the individual or group responsible for executing the activity, ensuring clear accountability and transparency in the distribution of tasks within the organization.
Date Created This field records the exact date and time when the activity was initially generated or added to the Activities module, helping track the history and origin of the task.
Date Modified Date Modified field displays the most recent date and time when the activity was updated or altered, enabling users to monitor changes and revisions made to the task over time.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Saving the record without providing input to them beforehand won't be possible.


The Activities module establishes relationships with several other modules within the system, allowing for seamless integration and efficient management of the recruitment process. These related modules include:

The Activities module is intricately linked to Positions, Roles, and Appraisal Items, creating comprehensive HR management system.

Activities can be assigned to specific job positions, ensuring that each role within the organization has a clear set of tasks and responsibilities. This alignment facilitates efficient workflow management, as it helps in delegating activities to employees in the right positions, enhancing role clarity and productivity.

Roles play a significant role in defining who can access, view, or modify activities within the system. By associating activities with specific roles, MintHCM ensures that only authorized personnel can work on or oversee them, maintaining data security and privacy while streamlining the assignment and execution of tasks.

This module's integration with Appraisal Items is important for performance evaluations and employee development. Appraisal items can be linked to activities to measure an employee's performance in completing tasks, creating a robust foundation for performance assessments. This not only streamlines the appraisal process but also allows for a more objective and data-driven evaluation of an employee's contributions.

The relationship between the Activities module and Positions, Roles, and Appraisal Items results in a tightly interconnected HR ecosystem. This integration ensures that the right people are assigned the right tasks, roles are effectively managed, and employee performance can be assessed in a structured and systematic manner.

Role in the Hiring Process

The Activities module also plays a useful role in the hiring process. During recruitment, it allows HR teams to create and track various tasks and activities related to job openings, candidate evaluations, and interview scheduling. These activities can be linked to specific positions, ensuring that the right roles are involved in the hiring process. Additionally, it facilitates the coordination of appraisal items, enabling the assessment of new hires' performance and contributions once they join the organization. This integration streamlines and enhances the overall hiring process, making it more efficient and organized from start to finish.

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LaftTypeRightShort DescriptionRelationship
Usersone-to-manyActivitiesSpecific Sugar user can modify many account records, but specific account record last modification was performed by specific user.Relationship: Users - ResponsibilityActivities
Usersone-to-manyActivitiesSpecific Sugar user can create many account records, but specific account record can be created by only one user.Relationship: Users - ResponsibilityActivities
Usersone-to-manyActivitiesSpecific Sugar user can be assigned to many account records, but specific account record can only have one user assigned.Relationship: Users - ResponsibilityActivities

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