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Name: Tasks
Tech Name: Tasks
Class Name: Task
Type: Standard
Template: Security_groups, Assignable, Basic
Custom Module: No
Auditable: No
Importable: No
Reportable: Yes
Hide module on Main Page: No

Short Description

This module allows users to create new Task

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Business Description

This module allows you to create tasks that will be displayed to the Calendar.
tasks are displayed on the calendar based on the Start Date and Due Date. The lack of these dates means that the task is not displayed on the calendar.
Task can be assigned to an employee by filling the Assigned to field.

It is possible to create a task associated with:

It is also possible to create a task for another task, and create
a note for a specific task via the Notes module.

The Task record can have various statuses: Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Pending Input, Deferred.

It is possible to set the priority of the task: High, Medium, Low

Board is a relatively new functionality of the module, which facilitates task management and allows you to edit and perform tasks on an ongoing basis in a simple and transparent way. All tasks in the system are presented in the form of a table in which each task status is a separate column, thanks to which we can see whether a given task is being processed or not. In order to move the task to another column and change the status, the user has to move the task drug and drop. n each task, the user can specify the priority of a specific record and the date of the task execution. All this information is visible on Board. The priority of the task is visible directly under the name and surname of the User assigned to the task. On the other hand, the due date is placed directly under the priority, if the time of the unfinished task is exceeded, then the task field is highlighted in red and an exclamation mark icon appears. From the Board level it is possible to create new tasks and edit existing ones. There is a plus icon under each status column. After clicking on it, a popup appears with the fields needed to be completed to create a new task. each task is visible as a separate field to move, to edit it you need to click on the field, a popup will appear with information about the task and after editing, for example, the status of the task will be automatically moved to the appropriate column.

Custom Actions

Action Type Short Description
Close Task Other The button allows users to close Task
Close and create new DetailView Button The button allows users to close and create new Task


Related Processes

ProcessShort Description
CalendarIt is a functionality that allows the user to manage and track time in terms of meetings, working times, calls, holidays.
Meetings - Create new rekordThe process of creating a new meeting.
OffboardingHow to start and conduct an offboarding process
OnboardingHow to start and conduct an onboarding process
Time ManagementThe process of planning the time spent on various activities, which aims to increase the efficiency of the time used

Related Process Steps

Process Step Title Short Description
Onboarding tasks Tasks to be done during onbording process Tasks generated in the onboarding process that the employee should perform independently.
Onboarding tasks Generating onboarding Generating onboarding for a new employee.
Onboarding tasks Checking the tasks. Checking the tasks on the Tasks subpanel.

Related Features

Affected by

Name Type Short Description Affected Fields Initiating Fields Initiating Modules
Feature:Conversion of Onboarding/Offboarding Elements Automation When a user uses the Generate action in onboarding templates (or onboarding menu, employee record) or in offboarding templates (or offboarding menu, employee record), he converts tasks and training into records in the Tasks and Training modules. Similarly, converts exit interviews into Exit Interviews records.
Feature:Dashlet My Calendar Miscellaneous My Calendar dashlet is a feature of the HCM System that provides a clear overview of your work schedule, tasks, calls, and meetings. From here you can efficiently manage your time, make adjustments, and access event details with ease, ensuring better organization and productivity.
Feature:Feature:Tasks - due date - color selection on the list view Automation Tasks due_date changes color if exceeded (View list) Due Date Due Date
Feature:Tasks - date start - Validation IsBefore Validation Validation IsBefore in module Tasks prevent setting up Due Date before Start Date Start Date Due Date Tasks


Name Type Short Description Initiating Fields Affected Fields Affected Modules
Feature:Close Onboarding/Offboarding if all other elements are closed Automation On save, if status of Exit Interview/Task/Training is equal to 'Held' or 'Completed' and record is an element of Onboarding or Offboarding, system checks if all other elements related to Onboarding/Offboarding are closed (Held or Completed). If so, status of Onboarding/Offboarding also changes to 'Held'. Status, Status, Status Status, Status Offboardings, Onboardings
Feature:Tasks - date start - Validation IsBefore Validation Validation IsBefore in module Tasks prevent setting up Due Date before Start Date Due Date Start Date Tasks

Related Integrations



LaftTypeRightShort DescriptionRelationship
Candidatesone-to-manyTasksFlex relate used in CandidateRelationship: Candidates - Tasks
Candidaturesone-to-manyTasksFlex relate used in CandidatureRelationship: Candidatures - Tasks
Offboardingsone-to-manyTasksFlex relate used in OffboardingsRelationship: Offboardings - Tasks
Onboardingsone-to-manyTasksFlex relate used in OnboardingsRelationship: Onboardings - Tasks
Projectone-to-manyTasksFlex relate used in ProjectRelationship: Project - Tasks
Project Tasksone-to-manyTasksFlex relate used in Project TaskRelationship: ProjectTask - Tasks
Recruitmentsone-to-manyTasksFlex relate used in RecruitmentRelationship: Recruitments - Tasks
Tasksone-to-manyNotesOne Task record can have many related Note records, but a specific Note record can be related to only one Task record.Relationship: Tasks - Notes
Usersone-to-manyTasksSpecific Sugar user can modify many account records, but specific account record last modification was performed by specific user.Relationship: Users - Tasks
Usersone-to-manyTasksSpecific Sugar user can create many account records, but specific account record can be created by only one user.Relationship: Users - Tasks
Usersone-to-manyTasksSpecific Sugar user can be assigned to many account records, but specific account record can only have one user assigned.Relationship: Users - Tasks

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