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Process Name Calendar
Process Type ⧼ev-Business Process⧽
Related Processes Time Management, Resource Management, Leave Management
Related Modules Work Schedule, Resources, Reservations, Calls, Meetings, Delegations, Tasks, Events

Short Description

It is a functionality that allows the user to manage and track time in terms of meetings, working times, calls, holidays.


The system offers a few calendars performing various functions.

One of them is strictly bound with the feature of Time Management.

Calendar is the most convenient place to plan week, schedule meetings and look for information about other people’s availability.

This calendar is available after clicking the tab Time Tracking.

Time Tracking – Calendar

The following calendar views are available: Day, Week and Month.

Time Tracking – Calendar – Month

In the system it is possible to change the calendar settings.

User can choose whether or not to display time periods in the Day and Week views. Moreover, it is possible to specify the hourly range determined by the start time and end time of the day.

User can also pick whether to display Calls, Tasks records and completed Meetings, Calls and Tasks records on the calendar.

There is a possibility to change the colors of text, borders and interior Meeting, Call, Task or Event record.

Changing the settings here will also change the dashlet My Calendar.

Time Tracking – Calendar – Settings – Button

Time Tracking – Calendar – Settings

User can add Tasks that will be visible in the calendar, as well as from the level of the calendar go to the Work Schedule edition view.

User can create Work Schedules, Meetings and Calls from the calendar level.

After clicking on a selected day on the calendar, which does not yet have a work schedule, the user is transferred to the Work Schedule creation view. After moving to this view, popup is displayed asking if the user wants to create a Meeting or a Call. Clicking create button takes user to the Meeting creation view or Call creation view, respectively.

Time Tracking – Calendar

Moreover, the system has an option for displaying the calendar of coworkers as shared calendar (Shared Month and Shared Week).
This feature helps to compare users work schedules and find a date that fits all.

Calendar - Shared Week

After selecting a shared month or shared week, the user can select from the User List the persons with whom he wants to compare his calendar.

Calendar - Shared Month – User List

There is also available dashlet My Calendar, which can be installed on the main dashboard. It shows the information about employee work schedules. From the dashlet, the user can access the work schedule, meeting, call or task record.

The system also offers a dashlet (Absences in Office) in form of a simple calendar that shows which employees work from home or for any other reason can be unreachable on a given day.

User can add them by using action Add Dashlets on main dashbord.

Main Dashboard – Adding Dashlets

Another type of calendar is related to booking resources.

System has a separate feature which organizes the distribution of common corporate resources such as: projectors, big-screen TVs, meeting rooms, cars and so on. System gives the possibility to preview the accessibility of each item added to the resources list. User can check if a given resource is available within a specified period and make a reservation.

In the reservations calendar you can check the reservations of a given resource during the day, week or month.

Reservations Calendar - Week

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