Competencies and Skills

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Process Name Competencies and Skills
Process Type ⧼ev-Business Process⧽
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Competencies and Skills

Short Description

Management of employees' competences and skills


Competencies and skills section of the system holds the information about the know-how and abilities developed by the employees. It comes as a list of talents and skills with an annotation about their advancement. Therefore, system serves as a directory of competences held by the employees.

It allows managing the division of hard and soft skills in the organization.

MintHCM gives ability to add tags for every recognized skill, as well as longer descriptions of broad competencies held by the employee. Thanks to this functionalities the team leaders stay aware of people’s individual abilities and talents. They can also rate them during performance evaluation meetings.
This knowledge may be then useful during unconventional projects, business expansion, or while deciding about promotions.
Besides, if there is a need of hiring someone with a special set of skills, system allows to quickly investigate if there is not a person like that already on board.
The system provides supervisors with information on self-development, well-being and employee morale.

Appraisals is a module where user can manage all the information and feedback shared during employee evaluation meetings. This will help human resources or supervisor stay on top of everyone’s progress as well as track their working experience (Employee Journey).

Appraisals - List View

Functionalities in the area of competencies and skills are built from the following modules:

Competencies & Skills - Dashlets

Competencies and skills section is also supported by the following dashlets:

  • My Competencies,
  • My Appraisals,
  • My Attitudes,
  • My Skills,
  • My Trainings,
  • My Goals.

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