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Create and edit modules and module layouts, manage standard and custom fields and configure tabs.

Rename Modules

In this section you can change the names of the modules appearing within the application

Rename Modules

This simple tool allows you to change a name of each module for chosen language. You can switch between languages by selecting them form the list, if language package is installed.

To change module's name, just click pen icon next to its name, provide new name in singular and plural, then save new settings.

Display Modules and Subpanels

In this section you can drag and drop the names of the modules below to set them to be displayed or hidden in the top navigation bar or as subpanels.

Rename Modules

To choose Displayed and Hidden Modules or Subpanels you just need to drag and drop each module's name to/from certain table column.

Allow users to select modules to appear in the navigation bar - if selected, users are able to choose which module tabs are visible by managing the tabs within their User Settings.

Configure Module Menu Filters

In this section you create and edit module menu filters

Configure Module Menu Filters

Click Add Filter button to create new module list, that you want to appear in the module menu at the top of MintHCM page.

To add a particular module to a group (new or existing), just drag and drop module's name from left column to the group you want this module to be displayed. If you want to delete module from a group, drag and drop it on waste bin.

To apply any changes you have to confirm them by clicking Save & Deploy button.

If you want to change new group's name, but you are not able to, try to click Save & Deploy button first and after reloading, change group's name by clicking on pen icon.

If you want to delete group, click delete button, which is next to pen icon. The group name will be crossed. You can also remove all modules from it and click Save & Deploy button - it will disappear form the page.

Dropdown Editor

In this section you can add, delete, or change the dropdown lists, that may be used in modules.

Dropdown Editor

To edit a dropdown, select it from list (main part of the screen or list in column on the left).

To add a new dropdown you have to click Add Dropdown button at the top of list view of all dropdowns. New screen will open.

Dropdown Editor

Here you can provide a nem for your doropdown and its options:

Name - name of dropdown. It must be alphanumeric, begin with a letter and contain no spaces.

Language - select language of dropdown.

List Items - list of dropdown options.

Item Name - technical name of the option in the dropdown list. This name will not appear in the dropdown list that is visible to users. It must be alphanumeric, begin with a letter and contain no spaces.

Display Label - label of the option in the dropdown list that will be visible to users.

After filling in first Item properties click Add button to add it to the dropdown list and prepare another one.

After all options are ready, you can sort them - ascending or descending - by clicking appropriate button.

To edit the display label of an item, click the Edit icon, and enter a new label. To delete an item from the dropdown list, click the Delete icon.

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