Employment History

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Process Name Employment History
Process Type ⧼ev-Business Process⧽
Related Processes Job Description, Onboarding
Related Modules Documents, Terms of Employment, Periods of Employment, Positions
Employment History

Short Description

The description of functionalities enabling documentation collection and analysis related to terms of employment of employees


Documents – List View

The system is a useful tool to create a secure archive of all the employment documentation and keep a clear employment history.

Employment history is a place to organize and safely store documents related to employee’s terms of employment.

In the Documents module, you can easily upload various formats of documents into the system, e.g. text files, pictures, spreadsheets, portable formats and more. You can upload and store contracts, diplomas, certifications etc.

Contracts – Record View

This is useful because it allows you to track periods of employment and pay rates in individual annexes to the contract.

The Terms of Employment module is a repository of shortly summarized employment conditions. Without reading through long documents you are able to find key terms of employment such as:

  • net and gross salary,
  • start and end date,
  • form of contract, etc.

Terms of Employment – List View

Employment history also helps the HR specialist and the team leader to prepare for the upcoming employee performance appraisal.

The system also gives employees an easy access to their employment conditions.

The access to these functionalities can be restricted in the Roles module, which guarantees that only authorized users can view the details.

Managing roles and properties are described in the Administration Guide.

MintHCM provides great opportunities for data analysis, reporting and forecasting in the field of Employment History.

Report - Salary Costs in Company Departments

Chart - Salary Costs in Company Departments

The system enables the preparation of reports and forecasts regarding the increase in remuneration costs based on historical data, as well as reports on the costs of remuneration in individual departments of the company.

Report results can be displayed on dashlets visible on the dashboard as soon as the user logs on. They are also automatically updated.


There are several modules that shape the Employment history feature:


You can quickly access the documents or any information related to employment through dashlets. User can add to the dashboard dashlets such as:

  • My Terms of Employment,
  • My Periods of Employment,
  • My Contracts,
  • My Documents,
  • My Advanced Report,
  • Reports.

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