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Process Name Job Description
Process Type ⧼ev-Business Process⧽
Related Processes Onboarding, Recruitment
Related Modules Positions, Competencies, Benefits, Responsibilities, Roles, Organizational Units, Documents
Job Description

Short Description

The description of the functionalities associated with workplace

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Job description is a functional area that helps to manage human resources by adding clear, understandable explanations of everyone’s responsibilities, as well as the information about their place in the organization.
This feature holds data regarding supervisions, benefits, duties, roles and career paths.

This area consists of the following modules:



The Positions module collects all the information about the positions created in the company, important for both the HR department as well as the employee hired in this position.

This module is associated with tools and mechanisms, useful for the HR department, such as onboarding templates used in the recruitment process, information about recruitments carried out for a given position, as well as offboarding templates useful for when an employee leaves the company. The data associated with the candidate entered into the system, during their conversion into an employee are moved to the employee record.

It also contains a list of employees working in a specific position, as well as information about where that position belongs in the organizational structure of the company.

The module also collects information important for the employee, such as responsibilities, expected level of competency, appraisals, supervised positions, benefits and career paths.



The Competencies include attributes such as: knowledge, skills and attitiudes.

Knowledge means all the information required in a given area that an employee has in a given position and the scope of which is assessed.

Skills determine the ability to apply knowledge in practice.

Attitudes determine the employee's attitude and motivation to perform their duties. These features and requirements for the employee are mapped in the system.



The Benefits are an additional employer's benefits for the employee.



The Responsibilities consist of groups of activities.



In addition to the duties associated with the position, the employee may have additional obligations arising from other functions that employee may perform. These obligations arise from the role to which the employee is assigned. A role is not a position, but if necessary, it can be transformed into one.

Organizational Units

This subanel in the Positions module shows to which organizational unit the position belongs.

Process Steps

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