Meetings - Create new rekord

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Process Name Meetings - Create new rekord
Process Type ⧼ev-Business Process⧽
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Related Modules Tasks, Project Tasks, Recruitments, Candidates, Candidatures, Offboardings, Onboardings
Meetings - Create new rekord

Short Description

The process of creating a new meeting.


To create a new meeting, the user must go to the Meetings module and click the schedule meeting button. After clicking the button, the fields needed to create the record appear.

Meetings-List view
Meetings-Create view

The fields that the user fills in when creating an Appointment are:

  • Subject - a field in which the user provides the subject of the Meeting
  • Status - a field in which it is set whether the meeting is scheduled, held or not held
  • Type - in this field, the user enters whether it is an internal or external meeting with a client or candidate
  • Start Date/End Date/Duration - these are the fields in which the user specifies the time that the meeting is scheduled, these three fields are related to each other, after entering Start and End Date in the Duration field, the duration is given or if the start date and time and duration are entered, the date will be automatically recalculated the end of the meeting

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