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How to create an announcement or reminder for employees


The system offers functionality that allows displaying the selected group of users previously prepared an announcements and reminders.

1. To create an announcement or reminder you have to go to the module News and click Create News button.

News - Create View

Fields in the create News view:

Name - determine a name of your News. This field is required.

Type - determine a type of your News. There are two type of news: Announcement and Reminder. This field is required.

  • Announcement is displayed to user only once after logging into the system. The person which creates them chooses the date of its publication. On the displayed announcement, user sees only the Close button. After clicking it, the news will not be displayed to the user again after logging into the system.
  • Reminder appears from the moment it is published until it is archived. On the reminder displayed, user can choose the Close or Don't Show It To Me Again buttons. After clicking the Close button, the reminder will appear every time user logs into the system, until the news is archived or user clicks the Don't Show It To Me Again button.

Date of Publication - the day on which the news will appear to users. This field appears after selecting an Announcement from the list in the Type field.

News - Create View - Announcement

Assigned to - user whom the news is assigned to.

Content of Announcement - content of the news. You can use a variety of formatting tools here, even enter HTML code or paste an image.

To add a photo to the news you have to click on the icon of image. After that the window Insert/Edit Image will appears. Here you have to paste URL address of the image. Then click the Insert button. The image should insert into the Content of Announcement field.

News - Create View - Insert Image

News - Create View - HTML Editor

News - Create View - Insert Image - Example

Description - provide a description of an news.

After completing the fields, save the record. It will appears on the list view.

News - List View

2. Now go to the detail view of the created news.

Select the organizational unit whose employees you want to display a reminder or announcement.

Then click the Publish button. The popup with the question 'Are you sure that you want to publish this news?' will appears. After clicking the button Yes the news will be published.

News - Detail View

3. News will be displayed to users belonging to organizational unit after logging into the system.

News - Announcement - After logging into the account

News - Reminder - After logging into the account

The system administrator have to create and activate the appropriate scheduler for this functionality to work.

More information can be found at the Scheduler section the System configuration page.

Information about which users read the news is stored in the User's News module. It is a read-only, technical module.

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