Add call/meeting reminder process

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Process Name Add call/meeting reminder process
Process Type ⧼ev-Business Process⧽
Related Processes Create a new Call
Related Modules Calls, Meetings
Add call/meeting reminder process

Short Description

The process of creating a reminder in the form of a popup or e-mail that informs participants about a potential phone call or meeting.


This is a functionality that allows the user to send a reminder to other users who are assigned to a call or meeting. From the level of this functionality, the user creating a meeting or a phone call can send a reminder about the event in the form of a popup or email on the day selected by the user or at a specific time before the event. The window for creating a new reminder is available in two modules: Calls and Meetings. To display the reminder creation window, the user must open the window for creating new records in the Calls or Meetings module. In both modules on the form there is a field called Reminders with the Add reminder button.

Meetings - Create reminder
Calls - Create reminder

After clicking the Add reminder button, the field is extended with other fields for setting a reminder.

Calls - Add reminder
  • Popup - after selecting this checkbox, the reminder will be sent in the form of a Pop-up
  • Email invitees - after selecting this checkbox, the reminder will be sent in the form of Email message
  • Add All Invitees - a button that adds to the reminder of all users who have been added to the call / meeting
  • Remove reminder - deletes the reminder currently being created
  • Add reminder - opens the panel for creating a new reminder, many reminders can be added to one call / meeting

The first fields that need to be set to create a reminder are the Popup and Email invitees checkboxes. The user can select one or both of them at the same time, then the reminder will be sent in the form of a popup in the system and an e-mail will be sent to the users to the address that is entered in the profile. Next to each of the checkboxes there are fields with the time when the reminder must be sent. It is possible to select the sending time from 1 minute to one day. Default, all users who have been added to call / meeting are added to the reminder. User names appear below the checkboxes. To set the reminder not to be sent to one of the users, just click on the name field to remove it from the reminder. To add another reminder, the user must click the Add reminder button. then another panel for creating a reminder will appear. The reminder is sent when the call / meeting record is saved. All reminders are visible in detailed views in the records from the Calls and Meeting modules.

Calls - reminder on detail view

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