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How to plan your trip in MintHCM and create a Delegation record


Delegations module stores all company's business travel history. By creating a new record you plan a trip.

Delegation Locale is the destination. Based on the settings for chosen country (Administration) and planned duration (Start Date - End Date) system calculates subsistence allowance for the delegation. This is adjusted if some meals or accommodation are provided e.g. by conference organizers (fields 'Assured Number of...').
If some subsistence money is provided before the trip, Prepaid by the Employer is currency-type field for this information.

Delegation Purpose is a list of possible events you travel to.

Description can be used to take some notes considering delegation.

Sub sections

Booking resources

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Booking company resources for the business trip.

Choosing means of transport

MintHCM - Transportation - QuickCreate.png

Planning transportation during business trip

Adding costs

Add already paid expenses regarding the business trip

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