Resource Management

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Process Name Resource Management
Process Type ⧼ev-Business Process⧽
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Related Modules Reservations, Calls, Meetings, Resources
Resource Management

Short Description

Assets management and resources booking


Resources - List View

This feature helps with both assets management and resources booking.

Resources - Record View

System gives possibility to keep track of the things given out to the employees for their personal use, as well as the resources constantly rotating within the company.

System offers a list of devices and other material assets owned by the company and distributed among the staff members, as well as a collection of resources, which the employees are welcome to make use of, but are expected to return by the particular date.

This feature organizes the distribution of common corporate resources such as: projectors, big screen TVs, meeting rooms, cars, etc.

In the Resources module, the user can create a resource or check the list of existing resources and related meetings, calls and delegations as well as their booking dates, which are collected in the Reservations module.

Reservations Calendar - Week

In system the case of resources availability shows on a separate calendar.

User is able to assign a project in relation to which certain aid is required. That way user can easily track which venture takes up most of the resources. It is possible to preview the accessibility of each item added to the resources list. Based on such information user is free to make own bookings.

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