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Manage your search preferences

Search Settings

In this section you can configure the global search preferences for the system.

Search Settings

Search Engine - you can select a search engine for the Global Search:

  • Basic Search - TODO
  • Basic + Advanced Search - TODO
  • Elasticsearch Engine - TODO

Search Modules

Select the modules that users will be able to search against using the Global Search.

Enable or disable modules searching

You can select modules enabled or disabled in Global Search by simply dragging and dropping their names to a particular column of the table and saving.


Configure Elasticsearch preferences

Search Settings

Here you can configure your Elasticsearch.

In General section you can:

Enable Elasticsearch - if selected, Elasticsearch is enabled.

Test Connection - by clicking this button you can check if connection with your Elasticsearch works. However, firstly, you have to set up a connection in the settings below.

In Server section you provide basic set up for your Elasticsearch.

Host - enter your host address. If Elasticsearch and MintHCM are on the same server it might be localhost.

Username - enter your username.

Password - enter your password.

In Schedulers section you can view schedulers involving Elasticsearch. It uses schedulers to keep the database and the indexing engine synchronised.

In Index section you can schedule:

Full indexing - do it after your Elasticsearch is configured and changes are saved.

Partial indexing - TODO

After you set up Elasticsearch, remember to go to Search Settings and set Elasticsearch as your MintHCM search engine.

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