Tasks to be done during onbording process

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Process Process:Onboarding tasks
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Title Tasks to be done during onbording process
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Main screen
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Onboarding tasks

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Short Description

Tasks generated in the onboarding process that the employee should perform independently.


The Tasks module can be used to assign tasks to a new employee during his onboarding.

Subject field describes what the task is about. This could be, for example, signing a contract.
Status field allows to define the stage at which the task is performed.
Selecting "onboarding" value in the Related to field allows to assign a specific employee to a task.
In the Priority field user can define the priority of the task, and the Start Date and Due Date fields allows to describe the due date of the task.

Sub sections

Generating onboarding

MintHCM - Onboarding Templates - Generate onboarding.png

Generating onboarding for a new employee.

Checking the tasks.

MintHCM - Onboardings - Tasks subpanel.png

Checking the tasks on the Tasks subpanel.

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