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Process Name Time Management
Process Type ⧼ev-Business Process⧽
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Time Management

Short Description

The process of planning the time spent on various activities, which aims to increase the efficiency of the time used

Mint HCM offers extensive mechanisms to manage time administration.

Functionalities related to working time administration helps employee to efficiently manage daily tasks as well as oversee by supervisor the tasks performed by subordinates.
Time tracking also helps coordinate team work by planning meetings or conversations and managing resources (e.g. booking conference rooms).

Time Management - Resource - List View
Time Management - Reservations Calendar

System allows to track the operating hours spent on individual tasks, study team productivity or observe the employee’s calendar. Every employee gets to manage their own Daily Work Schedule by creating an agenda for the upcoming weeks.

System Administrator can make own rule that everyone needs to fill in information about their availability for minimum two weeks ahead. Ech Work Schedule can be changed under special circumstances, for example in order to take an urgent business trip or because of a medical condition of the employee.

The System has a mechanism of sending out notifications about empty employee schedules. Mint HCM tracks the office hours as well as employee progress with granted tasks. A public calendar provides information about who is out of the office on a given day and for what reason (holiday, sick leave, delegation, work from home and so on).

Time Management - Dashboard

There are several modules and mechanisms that supports time management. To manage time administration the system use modules such as:

Time Management - Time Tracking

Time Management is also supported by dashlets:

  • Work Schedule Manager,
  • Absence in Office,
  • Overtime,
  • My Projects
  • My Project Tasks.

User can set dashlet which he needs on the main page.

System Administrator can create default dashboard with specific dashlets by using Dashboard Management.

On main dasboard can be installed dashlet Work Schedule Manager. This is the feature for filling in user predefined daily work schedule with certain tasks as user proceed to perform them. If employee is using a separate project management and issue tracking tool (f.e. Redmine) it is possible to integrate it with this system and add times to both systems at once. Work Schedule Manager collects information about the manhours spent on particular assignments, which also allows to determine how timeconsuming they actually are.

Dashlet My Projects is a list of the projects assigned to the user. It helps to follow the status of pending tasks and prioritize jobs to do.
More detailed overlook on the amount of work is possible with the My Project Tasks dashlet. It comes handy in a situation where a single project needs to be divided into smaller tasks.

Absences is another dashlet that can be installed on main dashboard. It shows the information about employees who are away from the office on the given day. Along the name of the employee comes the reason for their absence. The feature uses different colors for business trips, sick-leave, work from home, and other.

Time Management - Dashlets

Dashlet Overtime counts the time spent at work each month. It shows if the employee has worked any extra hours and if they should be awarded for it. It will also alarm about any deficits there.

My Daily Work Schedule is a list of open work schedules that require filling them up with information.

Other usefull dashlets are My Calendar, My Meetings as well as My Calls.


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