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Appraisal Items generated from Competencies  +
Automatic Offboarding name generation  +
Automatic Onboarding name generation  +
Calculation of due date field in Tasks  +
Certificates - start_date - Validation IsBefore  +
Close Onboarding/Offboarding if all other elements are closed  +
Close all related Meetings  +
Close all related Trainings that have other related Meetings closed  +
Conversion of Onboarding/Offboarding Elements  +
Create a related Meeting to each Training on Onboarding/Offboarding generation  +
Dashlet My Calendar  +
Dashlet My Calls  +
Dashlet My Daily Work Schedule  +
Dashlet My Meetings  +
Dashlet My Recruitments  +
Dashlet Work Schedule Manager  +
Days From Start  +
Default value of type field in Appraisal after Create Appraisal  +
Delegations - start_date - Validation IsBefore  +
Dependency of Assigned to  +