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Administration of MintHCM and basic settings  +
The <b>Basic</b> template type provides basic fields, such as the Name, Assigned to, Team, Date Created and Description fields.  +
Additional benefits for the employee  +
This action creates new employee and user records from a candidature  +
Create Appraisal button in a candidature record view starts a background action that creates appraisal, which, after it is created, is related to the candidature.  +
How to create a chart  +
On save, if status of Exit Interview/Task/Training is equal to 'Held' or 'Completed' and record is an element of Onboarding or Offboarding, system checks if all other elements related to Onboarding/Offboarding are closed (Held or Completed). If so, status of Onboarding/Offboarding also changes to 'Held'.  +
On save, when Training status is changed to 'Held', all Meetings related to that Training also change their status to 'Held'  +
On save, when Meeting status is changed to 'Held', all Trainings related to that Meeting that have all other related Meetings set to 'Held', will also be set to 'Held'  +
A group of employee characteristics required for a particular position  +
Management of employees' competences and skills  +
On Onboarding/Offboarding generation, for each Training related to Onboarding/Offboarding Template, a new meeting is created related to that Training.  +
How to create the simples advanced report  +
Manage your dashboard templates, backups and deployments history.  +
When Days From Start is filled, its value affects Start Date of Onboarding/Offboarding Elements  +
Type of the appraisal generated by Create Appraisal action is automatically set to Recruiting  +
Supervisor can assign the Work Schedule to Users which are his subordinate. System Administrator can assigne the Work Schedule to all Users. This functionality displays the Work Schedule in the User's calendar that has been assigned.  +
The field is associated with the Delegation's Work Schedule  +
The Duration depends on the Start Time and End Time fields at the Work Schedule. The Work Schedule plan length cannot be greater than 24 hours.  +
This is the actual amount paid for all employee wages and benefits.  +