Relationship: Positions - Appraisals

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Positions - Appraisals

Relationship positions_appraisals
Type one-to-many
LHS Module Positions
LHS Label Appraisals
LHS Fields Appraisals, Name
RHS Module Appraisals
RHS ID position_id
RHS Label Positions
RHS Fields Positions, Name, Position, Position (ID)

Short Description

One Position record can have many related Appraisals records, but a specific Appraisals record can be related to only one Position record.

Location and Code definition

Array ( [lhs_module] => Positions [lhs_table] => positions [lhs_key] => id [rhs_module] => Appraisals [rhs_table] => appraisals [rhs_key] => position_id [relationship_type] => one-to-many )

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