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Work Schedule - Supervisor Acceptance Automation
Title Work Schedule - Supervisor Acceptance Automation
Type Automation
Initiating Actions Action:WorkSchedules - Accept Work Plan
Action:WorkSchedules - Undo Acceptance
Initiating Fields
Initiating Modules
Affected Actions
Affected Fields Supervisor Acceptance
Affected Modules
Affected Field Types

Short Description

The Supervisor Acceptance field is shown for a specific Work Schedule and is automatically changed when the user clicks specific buttons


The Supervisor Acceptance field has the following options:  Waiting for acceptance, Accepted and Not applicable.
The type of Work Schedule such as Office Work, Delegation, Sick, Leave at Request and Excused Absence are not subject to the acceptance process. In such cases, the Supervisor Acceptance field is not visible on the edit view of the Work Schedule but in the list view, all work schedules in the column Supervisor Acceptance is written Not applicable.
Waiting for acceptance appears in the field when the users create a work plan such as Remote Work, Holiday, Occasional Leave and Free Overtime.
When the Supervisor or System Administrator clicks on the Accept Work Plan button the field content changes to Accepted. Using the Undo Acceptance button sets the field content on Waiting for acceptance.

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