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MintHCM - Employee Journey

The main functionalities of the system are focused on such areas as Human Capital Management, Human Resources Management, working time management and analysis.

An important part of the Human Capital Management is an idea called Employee Journey.

The system helps to ensure that employees have positive experiences with the organisation from their first encounter. It also enables tracking of employee’s performance, working time and personal development.

Mint HCM offers comprehensive functionality to manage recruitment processes, administrate Human Resources, run employer branding campaigns, as well as analyze working time and employee activity.

Work Schedule
My Calls & My Meetings

Time Management offers extensive functionality to manage work schedules. It allows users to track the operating hours spent on individual tasks, improve the communication, planning team work and team productivity. System lets the Supervisor and other users to observe the employee’s calendar.

System also offers an advanced reporting functionality. Many interesting KPIs about Human Capital Management can be easily showcased in the form of predefined dashlets. Users create a report and simply place it on their main dashboard.

Functional areas

Administration links


  • Add call/meeting reminder process
    The process of creating a reminder in the form of a popup or e-mail that informs participants about a potential phone call or meeting.
  • Analytics

  • Calendar
    It is a functionality that allows the user to manage and track time in terms of meetings, working times, calls, holidays.

  • Competencies and Skills
    Management of employees' competences and skills

  • Create New Survey
    Process of creating a new survey.

  • Create a new Call
    Process of create and managment new call

  • Create new Document
    Process of creating a new document in the documents module.

  • Employment History
    The description of functionalities enabling documentation collection and analysis related to terms of employment of employees

  • Job Description
    The description of the functionalities associated with workplace

  • Leave Management
    Managing employee absences in the office

  • Meetings - Create new rekord
    The process of creating a new meeting.

  • News
    How to create an announcement or reminder for employees

  • Offboarding
    How to start and conduct an offboarding process

  • Onboarding
    How to start and conduct an onboarding process

  • Onboarding tasks
    How to add tasks when creating onboarding.

  • Recruitment
    The recruitment process with a description of all records needed to carry it out

  • Resource Management
    Assets management and resources booking

  • Time Management
    The process of planning the time spent on various activities, which aims to increase the efficiency of the time used

  • Travel and Expences
    Meeting clients is crucial for building fruitful business relationship. Attending fairs can help to obtain valuable contacts. Sending employees to conferences and meet-ups develops company's human capital. All travel-related activities management is available in MintHCM.


  • Activities
    The Activities module enables users to streamline and track various HR-related tasks and activities. Its functionalities include assigning and monitoring responsibilities, linking them to specific positions and roles, and setting up appraisal items for performance evaluations.
  • Applications
    The Applications module within MintHCM system offers a straightforward and efficient means for employees to submit various types of applications to their superiors, people from other departments or other employees within the organization, responsible for a considered subject. This module serves as a tool for streamlining the application submission process, ensuring clarity and accountability in decision-making

  • Appraisal Items
    The Appraisal Items module in MintHCM system serves as a component for standardizing the appraisal process. It stores specific evaluation criteria and a relation to a specific appraisal process, where it's been used. Each record represents a distinct relation of an appraisal process and a criterion upon which candidates or employees are assessed.

  • Appraisals
    The Appraisals module is a tool primarily designed for HR professionals within the organization. It serves as a platform for storing assessments of candidates, allowing for a detailed evaluation process. With an expanded feature set, including the ability to add appraisal item fields dynamically, the Appraisals module offers flexibility in candidate assessment.

  • Benefits
    The Benefits module in MintHCM serves as a tool for Human Resources (HR) personnel to manage employee benefits. It allows the creation and assignment of benefits to individual employees within the organization. Additionally, it provides other employees with the ability to view their assigned benefits for transparency and awareness.

  • Calendar
    The Calendar Module within the MintHCM System that allows users to efficiently manage their schedules, tasks, calls, and meetings. It provides different views for easy navigation and organization, helping users stay on top of their daily activities. With collaborative features and detailed event information, the module ensures effective scheduling and productivity.

  • Calls
    Mint's Calls module is designed to facilitate management of calls within your organisation. This module provides tools for scheduling, coordinating, and documenting calls (both inbound and outbound), establishing relevant connections with associated records and participants. Each record carries all information necessary to facilitate a call and is visible to all participants.

  • Candidates
    This module allows users to add new Candidates, thanks to which they will be able to participate in further recruitment processes.

  • Candidatures
    This module allows users to add a candidate to candidatures, thanks to which they will be able to participate in further recruitment processes.

  • Career Paths

  • Certificates
    Certificates are a simple dictionary module in which we create a database of certificates for use in the employee module.

  • Competencies
    A group of employee characteristics required for a particular position

  • Competency Ratings
    The Competency Ratings module in MintHCM is a tool for companies engaged in recruitment, management, and employee support. It allows organizations to assess and rate the competencies of their employees, helping in the effective matching of skills with job roles and career development. This module can be used to track and evaluate employee performance, identify skill gaps, and make informed decisions about training and development.

  • Conclusions
    MintHCM's Conclusions module is a tool for managing and recording conclusions within your organization. This module provides features for articulating, tracking, and linking conclusions to related records, including Improvements and Problems.

  • Delegations
    This module stores comprehensive information regarding employees' business trips, their costs and duration. All conveniently linked to working time tracking and company resources.

  • Delegations Locale

  • Document Revisions
    Stores the versions of a document

  • Documents
    Stores electronic versions of documents

  • Email - Templates
    The E-mail Templates module allows users to use pre-designed, freely configurable e-mail templates. Templates can be used anywhere in the system where the user sends emails to other system users.

  • Emails
    The "Emails" module is designed to enhance and simplify email management within an organization. Its primary objective is to offer users a swift and efficient means to oversee their email correspondence while also serving as a comprehensive email repository. By presenting a concise presentation of email threads and pertinent message records, it empowers users to remain well-informed and current with their email communications.

  • Employees
    The "Employees" module is thoughtfully crafted to streamline and optimize personnel management within an organization. Its core purpose is to provide users with a seamless and effective way to handle their workforce-related tasks while also serving as a comprehensive repository of employee information.

    By offering a succinct overview of employee profiles, essential HR records, and performance metrics, it empowers users to stay well-informed and up-to-date with their workforce management responsibilities. Simultaneously, it functions as a secure and accessible archive for all employee-related data, ensuring easy retrieval and reference for future needs.

  • Events
    The Events module within MintHCM is a tool designed to facilitate event scheduling and management within an organization. It offers functionalities to create, track, and organize various events efficiently.

  • Exit Interviews
    Exit Interviews are conducted during an offboarding process

  • Goals
    The Goals module in MintHCM is a tool for setting and tracking objectives in recruitment and employee management. It enables to define and monitor various targets, such as recruitment quotas, employee retention rates, and revenue goals.

  • Ideas
    The Ideas Module in the MintHCM system is designed to facilitate the submission, evaluation, and management of ideas related to the company and its processes.

  • Improvements
    The Improvements module facilitates performance enhancement within the workplace. It provides tools for goal-setting, skill development, and constructive feedback, fostering a conducive environment for professional growth.

  • KB - Categories
    The Knowledge Base Category Module efficiently categorizes knowledge base articles with a many-to-many relationship model. Users can create and manage categories, associating them with various articles for improved organization and accessibility. This module enhances knowledge management by allowing users to easily navigate a structured and interconnected knowledge base.

  • Knowledge Base
    'Knowlege Base' module is designed to empower users to find answers to their questions and solve problems independently without having to contact customer support or other departments. It serves as a self-help tool that enhances the customer experience by enabling users to access information quickly and efficiently.

  • Locations
    The "Locations" module offers a straightforward approach to managing organizational spaces. Users can create, edit, and store various location entries, supporting event planning. The module's entries act as references when organizing events, allowing users to quickly select appropriate venues.

  • Meetings
    Mint's Meetings module is designed to facilitate efficient management of meetings within your organisation. This module provides tools for scheduling, coordinating, and documenting meetings, establishing relevant connections with associated records and participants. Each record carries all information necessary to facilitate a meeting and is visible to all participants.

  • News
    To create reminders and annoucements, that will be displayed to users

  • Non Working Days Registry
    The "Non Working Days" module is a straightforward tool designed to manage non-working days within the system.

  • Notes
    The Notes module is a simple feature that allows users to quickly add comments, explanations, or simple summaries under a record, providing users with up-to-date information about the record

  • Offboarding Templates
    Offboarding Templates are used for generating an actual offboarding for a particular employee and position

  • Offboardings
    How to start and conduct an offboarding process

  • Onboarding Templates
    Onboarding Templates are used for generating an actual onboarding for a particular employee and position

  • Onboarding/Offboarding Elements
    Contains elements that can be used while creating Onboarding Templates or Offboarding Templates

  • Onboardings
    How to start and conduct an onboarding process

  • Organizational Units
    A collection of organizational cells managed by a supervisor

  • Outbound Email Accounts

  • Periods of Employment
    The total employment time resulting from the individual contracts of an employee

  • Positions
    Stores all the information about positions

  • Problems
    The Problems module is a tool for companies management. This module allows users to track and manage various issues, challenges, or concerns related to employees and their work. It is linked to the Employees module, facilitating seamless communication and problem resolution among team members.

  • Project
    The "Project" module is designed to streamline and manage the company's projects undertaken by the organization. It allows tracking the progress and status of each project, assigning project managers, setting priorities, and defining project timelines. Additionally, it offers the capability to utilize predefined project templates and maintain a list of allocated resources for efficient project execution.

  • Project Tasks
    The "Project Task" module is a component of the larger Projects module, designed to facilitate the organization and management of internal and recruitment projects within the company. It allows users to track and coordinate project tasks, including their status, timelines, priorities, and assignments.

  • Recruitments
    "Recruitments" module is designed to facilitate and streamline the recruitment process within an organization. Its primary purpose is to provide users with a quick and convenient overview of their recruitment activities. By offering a condensed display of information related to particular recruitment processes and relevant recruitment records, it enables users to stay informed and up-to-date with their ongoing recruitment efforts.

  • Reservations
    Stores information about the reservations of resources

  • Resources
    List of equipment and other property assets of the company and their management

  • Responsibilities
    The "Responsibilities" module helps manage tasks and allows users to define, assign and perform in the organization. This module is integrated with key modules like Positions, Roles, Appraisal Items, and Activities.

  • Roles
    Functions that an employee can perform in the organization

  • Survey Question Options
    In this module, the user can select the type of question and add some additional fields.

  • Survey Question Responses
    The module in which user saw a list of all questions from the survey along with the respons in tabular and graphic form.

  • Survey Questions
    It is a module for managing survey questions.

  • Survey Responses
    It is a module that is used to count sent responses to the survey.

  • Surveys
    Module for creating surveys, and analyzing responses.

  • Tasks
    This module allows users to create new Task

  • Terms of Employment
    The employment conditions of the employee, including dates of commencement and termination of work as well as issues related to remuneration

  • Trainings

  • Transportations
    This submodule of Delegations stores data on routes taken by traveling employees and means of transport they used. Car and train are available options, others can be specified. It is important to link an existing delegation to see all related transportation. Records can be further related to costs for reckoning fuel invoices or train/plane tickets etc.

  • User's News
    Stores information about which users have read the news

  • Users
    It is an administration module where the administrator can add new users, remove and edit user data, assign roles and groups.

  • Users Actual Effort

  • Work Schedule
    The Work Schedule module in Mint HCM enables the management of employees' work hours within a company. It allows users to create, manage, and monitor work schedules, as well as generate time-related reports.

  • Working Months
    The "Working Months" module serves is a tool to input the number of working days within a given month.


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