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MintHCM - Employee Journey

The main functionalities of the system are focused on such areas as Human Capital Management, Human Resources Management, working time management and analysis.

An important part of the Human Capital Management is an idea called Employee Journey.

The system helps to ensure that employees have positive experiences with the organisation from their first encounter. It also enables tracking of employee’s performance, working time and personal development.

Mint HCM offers comprehensive functionality to manage recruitment processes, administrate Human Resources, run employer branding campaigns, as well as analyze working time and employee activity.

Work Schedule
My Calls & My Meetings

Time Management offers extensive functionality to manage work schedules. It allows users to track the operating hours spent on individual tasks, improve the communication, planning team work and team productivity. System lets the Supervisor and other users to observe the employee’s calendar.

System also offers an advanced reporting functionality. Many interesting KPIs about Human Capital Management can be easily showcased in the form of predefined dashlets. Users create a report and simply place it on their main dashboard.

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