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Process Name Create a new Call
Process Type ⧼ev-Business Process⧽
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Create a new Call

Short Description

Process of create and managment new call


The system offers a module where the user can plan phone calls related to records from other modules such as Task, Project Task, Recruitment, Candidate, Candidature, Offboardings, Onboardings. A useful function of the module is adding interested users or candidates to the interview record along with sending an invitation to the interview and setting a reminder about the event.

1. The basic function of the module is the creation of a phone call record. To create Call user must go to module Calls and click button Log call.

Calls - List view
Calls - Create new call

Fields in the create Calls view

  • Subject - Topic of phone call
  • Start Date and Time - date and time when the phone call will take place
  • Duration - duration of the phone call
  • Reminders - the field in which the user sets the type of call reminder and to whom it is to be addressed
  • Description - a field where the user can enter a description for the conversation, e.g. purpose or course of the conversation
  • Assigned to - user whom the call is assigned to
  • Status - a field in which the user specifies whether the conversation is outgoing or incoming and whether the conversation is planned, took place or did not take place
  • Related to - a field where the user can add a chat relationship to another record in another module
  • Scheduling - field with all users added to the call, from this field it is possible to delete users
  • Add Invitees/Resources - the field in which the user add callers interested in the call and resources, e.g. call room
Calls - Example of new call

When user create a new phone call, the fields that must be completed (Subject, Start Date & Time, Duration, Status) in the creation view are required for the call record to be created. After completing the required fields, user can add a relationship to records from other modules, add conversation participants and set a reminder for them. To activate the reminders and the date when it is to be displayed or sent, the user has to click on the button with the plus "Add reminder". After that, a small panel shows up. In this panel, at the beginning, with a checkbox, the user determines whether the reminder should be in the form of Popap, e-mail or both. Next to the checkboxes, there are also fields in which you choose how early the reminders should appear. Buttons with all invited users are shown below. After clicking on one of the users, it is removed from the list of people to be reminded. Below there are two additional buttons, "Add All invitees" which adds all invitees to the list of people to send a reminder, "Remove reminder" removes the current reminder. Below the reminder panel there is an Assigned field in which the user directly assigned to the record as the main person during the conversation is entered. As you can see below, the person from the Assigned field is automatically added in the Scheduling panel where other users and resources are added to the conversation.

Calls - Scheduling

The system allows you to add more users to the conversation through the Add Invitees / Resources panel. In the first field, to search for a user or resource, it is enough for the user to enter the name of the person or the resource name. Additional options for searching users are the Last Name and Email fields which are used to find only users, not resources.

Calls - Add new invitees

The search results for the user or resource appear below the panel. You do not need to enter the entire first name or resource name for the search. In order to add people to the conversation, it is enough that the user clicks the ADD button that appears next to the searched user or resource. After adding, the user automatically appears in the Scheduling panel, and its availability on the given day that has been set in the Start Date field is visible. Subsequent added users are also visible in the call reminder creation panel. When the user enters all information about the conversation and enters the people who will be invited, he can save the conversation with the button below. In addition to saving, the user can also cancel and close the creation of a conversation, save and send invitations to invited persons, and close and create a new one. Once created, the call record is added to the list of the Calls module and can be edited or deleted at any time. To check details of a conversation, the user can click on conversation record. Then a window appears with information about the conversation and additional options in the form of buttons.

Calls - Detail view
  • Edit - a button thanks to which the user can edit the telephone call record
  • Duplicate - a button with which the user can create an identical record that is currently displayed
  • Delete - deletes the conversation record
  • Close and create new - closes the currently displayed record and opens the panel for creating a new conversation
  • Close - closes the currently displayed record
  • Reschedule - opens a popup where we can change the date and time of the call
  • View change log - opens a window in which all changes made to this record are made
Calls - Reschedule window

After clicking the Reschedule button, the user is presented with a window in which the date and time of the telephone conversation can be changed. A required element in this functionality is the reason for the change.

Calls - Call attempt history

Each change of date, time and reason is saved in the record detail view in the Reschedule tab in the Call Attempt History field. At the very bottom of the call details view, there are subpanels with additional information about the record and an additional editing level.

  • Users - all users added to the conversation are visible, from the level of this subpanel you can remove others from the conversation
  • Candidate - this is a related record from the Candidates module, from the level of this subpanel the user can remove the association to the meeting
  • Resources - a subpanel in which all available resources related to the conversation are listed, from the subpanel the user can edit and record and remove the link
  • Notes - a subpanel where users added to the conversation can add and delete call notes
  • Reservations - a subpanel where all the related records from the Reservations module are located, thanks to which the user can, for example, book a room for a phone call
  • Organizational Units - a subpanel which lists all related groups that can edit the record

The user can also create records of telephone calls from the level of Calendar. While in the calendar view, the user can click on the hour of the day. The user is automatically transferred to the Work Schedule creation window, but for a few seconds a window with two options is visible: Create Meeting, Create call. After clicking the second button, the call creation window in the Calls module opens with the date and time selected by the user on the calendar.

Calls - create call from calendar

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