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Process Name Leave Management
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Leave Management

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Managing employee absences in the office



Leave management refers to the long-term absences. When an employee is sick or taking well-deserved vacations it is important to inform the rest of the team and fairly distribute the work.

System gives the team leaders a perfect tool to control the attendance and plan the future tasks, while being considerate of the fact that someone is out of the office for a given period of time.

Delegations - Record View

A separate case of being absent from the office is taking a business trip. An employer responsibility is to make sure that employee which were in delegations have got their transportation, accommodation and meals covered. It has to do with the Travels and expenses as well.

There are different ways of planning a business trip. Some companies prefer to make the arrangements for their employee. Some pay them in advance. Other collect receipts and add the expenses up to their salary. MintHCM has functionalities that will help in each of these situations.

The system offers tools that allow user to quickly and easily way check who, when and for what reason will be away. It comes handy for the management but also other coworkers, who should be notified about other people's absence.

The Leave management feature is powered by a timetable where it is possible to put in information about the absences for other users to see. It is useful to extract the calendar in form of a dashlet and place it on the main dashboard. That way, with just a quick look, the employee is able to determine which of the other team members took some time off.

System covers the Leave Management area of business with a couple of separate features:

Work Schedule
  • module Work Schedule gives the opportunity to create work plans of types such as:
• Holiday,
• Remote Work,
• Sick,
• Delegation,
• Occasional Leave,
• Excused Absence,
  • module Delegations, which stores information about business trips,
  • Absences in Office is a dashlet in form of a simple calendar that shows which employees work from home or for any other reason can be unreachable on a given day.

When an employee creates one of the above of a work schedules, the system automatically displays information about these absences in the office on the dashlet.

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