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Dependency of subject field in Task
Title Dependency of subject field in Task
Type Automation
Automation Type Logic Hook
Initiating Actions Action:OffboardingTemplates - Generate new Offboarding
Action:OnboardingTemplates - Generate new Onboarding
Action:Employees - Generate new Offboarding
Action:Employees - Generate new Onboarding
Action:Offboardings - Generate new Offboarding
Action:Onboardings - Generate new Onboarding
Initiating Fields Name
Initiating Modules
Affected Actions
Affected Fields Subject
Affected Modules
Affected Field Types

Short Description

When you use the Generate new Offboarding action, the Offboarding templates (or the Offboarding menu, Employee Record) calculate the end date based on the sum of the interview start date and the value of the task duration field.


After using Generate action in Onboarding Template record (or Onboardings menu, Employee record) or Generate action in Offboarding Template record (or Offboardings menu, Employee record), subject of task record will be inherited from Offboarding/Onboarding Elements record.

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