Action:Candidatures - Create Appraisal

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Candidatures - Create Appraisal
Name Candidatures - Create Appraisal
Type DetailView Button
Module Candidatures

Short Description

Create Appraisal button in a candidature record view starts a background action that creates appraisal, which, after it is created, is related to the candidature.

  1. MintHCM - Candidatures - Record View - Create Appraisal button.png

If a position related to the recruitment, which is related to the candidature you generate appraisal for has some competencies related, then after Create Appraisal action the newly generated appraisal automatically have appraisal items. These are created from those competencies related to a position.

Type of the generated appraisal will be set to Recruiting.


Affected by


Name Type Short Description Initiating Fields Affected Fields Affected Modules
Feature:Appraisal Items generated from Competencies Automation [[Module:Appraisal Items|]]
Feature:Default value of type field in Appraisal after Create Appraisal action Automation Type of the appraisal generated by Create Appraisal action is automatically set to Recruiting Type [[Module:Module:Appraisals|]]
Feature:Dependency of name field in Appraisals Automation Name

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